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Make no mistake, Jerusalem360.com is the ultimate virtual tour of Jerusalem, Israel.

360° Interactive Panoramas

QTVR panoramas of the highest quality are served here for your virtual touring pleasure. We produce equirectangular images using a variety of techniques and equipment and then present them using Quicktime technology. Each panorama is available in a smaller preview version and a larger (glorious?) full screen version.


Equirectangular images are familiar to many of us from the world of maps. When you see a world map in which all the vertical lines are parallel to one another and there is heavy distortion in regions like Antarctica and Greenland, you are looking at an Equirectangular Projection of the globe. Just as the globe - a sphere - can be represented in a flat fashion by a map, so too can any 3-dimensional scene be flattened out into an Equirectangular image and then re-distored into the interactive spherical views that we present here. All the thumbnail images on this site are crops of the Equirectangular source images.

Technically Speaking,